LensAlign MkII Plus Focus Calibration Tool

Affordable LensAlign MkII Plus Focus Calibration Tool

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    The LensAlign MkII Plus Focus Calibration Tool is a tool with which you can determine if the focus system of a camera (auto and/or manual) is working properly with each and every lens you have for that camera. Just mount the camera/lens combination to be tested on a tripod. Set up the LensAlign system on a table-top or tripod mounted via its 1/4-20 tripod socket. Set the test camera’s aperture to f8. Follow the included instructions for quick, accurate and repeatable results.Using your photo editing software, evaluate your results as displayed on the DOF Ruler in your test captures. In Photoshop, applying the Emboss filter to test images can enhance the visibility of test results. If the test camera has Auto Focus Micro Adjustment capability, use it to correct auto focus errors that you may observe. Many of the latest DSLRs allow you to adjust the auto-focus for each lens using their menu-accessible Micro Adjustment or AF Tune feature.

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    LensAlign MkII Plus Focus Calibration Tool